lumber, blanket insulation, expanding foam, upholstery springs, upholstery foam, dacron, edge roll, buttons, cardboard boxes, packing foam
72" tall

left to right - blanket, gap filler, bustle, padding, packaging, void fill

This installation features industrial materials that hold, including packaging, insulation, and upholstery, to address ideas of the body in space, the space of the body, and the space between bodies. The original integrity of the materials is preserved to maintain their known associations; they are reframed in form, arrangement, and scale. The group embraces repetition and difference to focus on the materials’ inherent content manipulated in ways that refer to the body.

void fill
packaging, void fill
left to right: packaging, bustle, gap filler
left to right : packaging, blanket, bustle, gap filler
left to right: blanket, padding, void fill
expanded polystyrene (bead foam) slices, nylon thread, light

Shown with HOLD.